AAGB meeting to review past success, anticipate new challenges

The 11th International Conference on Advances in Arachis through Genomics and Biotechnology (AAGB-2019) will be held at Jinan, China from Oct. 21-25.  Registration and hotel information is available at the event website: www.aagb2019.cn

The intent of this meeting is to broaden the scope to include more information about adaptation/cultivation, productivity, quality and safety issues as they pertain to genomics and/or germplasm and cultivar development.

The international peanut community through the International Peanut Genome Initiative has come a long way, from lack of availability of molecular markers to the completion and releases of high-quality genome sequences of two diploid (2014) and cultivated peanuts (2018), but there remains a long way to go for genomics-assisted breeding as rou­tine implementation. Nevertheless, the stage is now set to harvest the fruits of genomics research for peanut genetic improvement, cultivation, and production. This will contribute to the entire peanut community, and global food safety and security in gen­eral to fight malnutrition.

Therefore, AAGB-2019 program committee plan to have a session in the opening ceremony to recognize the people who have been working behind the scenes to make this IPGI and peanut genome sequencing project a success. Please send your nomination and ideas to : aagb@aagb2019.cn and cc to baozhu.guo@ars.usda.gov.

Abstracts should be submitted by July 1; information is available on the event website.


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