2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

APRES Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

July 13-15, 2021

The APRES Board of Directors decided at its spring meeting the 53rd APRES Annual Meeting will be virtual. This was not an easy decision. The 2.5 hour meeting looked at the Annual Meeting from every angle–live, in-person in Dallas; hybrid (live for those who can travel and virtual for those who cannot); and, totally virtual with live presentations.
Every member of the Board was present. Every segment of the industry had a voice in the process. Every issue was discussed–encouraging COVID news; vaccination rate; availability of vaccines; travel restrictions; university policies for staff and students; USDA staff and travel policies; corporate meeting policies; mutant strains; hotel’s decision deadline (today); Finance Committee budget analyses; APRES’ healthy bottom line; future APRES projects, membership impact…to list a few.
It became clear through this discussion the meeting we all want–filled with colleagues, collegial atmosphere, and dynamic discourse is currently compromised by the ability for many to travel to and meet in Dallas. The use of APRES’ reserves to offset any potential financial impact from reduced attendance carried the vote to a virtual format.
Decision made, the Program Committee is finalizing an expanded virtual format schedule for The Complicated and Challenging World Created by Viruses themed meeting. While the format is virtual, All Presentations will be live, including the Breakout Sessions, General Session, Technical Symposium and the newly approved PhD and Masters divisions of the Joe Sugg Oral Presentation Graduate Student Competition. The exceptions….Posters will be pre-recorded and International presentations may be recorded if a time zone conflict exists.
Registration will be $250 for APRES Members; $25 for Student, Post Doc, Tech Support & Retired Members. Sustaining Member Sponsorships are available for $1,000.

Gary Schwarzlose

David Jordan
President-elect and 2021 Program Chair
Call for Papers – Closed
Revisions Deadline: May 31st

Accepted Abstracts for presentation of research and education projects at the 53rd APRES Virtual Annual Meeting may submit revisions to their abstract until May 31st.  The last submitted abstract will be the abstract submitted for Publication.  Revisions Deadline:  May 31st, 2021

An abstract accepted for presentation at the 2021 APRES Virtual Annual Meeting must be presented at the meeting (via oral presentation or poster) to be included in the 2021 Proceedings of the Annual Meeting.

Submit a Revised Abstract
Abstract Submission Instructions
Abstract Example
2021 Accepted Abstracts

APRES 53 Tackles Viruses

The Complicated and Challenging World Created by Viruses–APRES 53’s theme. With 2020 in our rear view window, we will examine the scope and and impact of viruses. Travel with us around the world via this year’s combined General Session and Technical Symposium for perspectives on viruses vs. agriculture, peanuts, and the human body.

Guest Speakers
The Honorable Thomas J. Vilsack (invited)
Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Viruses and World Agriculture Production

Dr. Stephanie Langel
Duke University’s Human Vaccine Unit
Viruses and the Human Body

Dr. Albert Culbreath
The University of Georgia
A Brief History of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Peanut

Dr. Carl Deom
The University of Georgia
Overview of Groundnut Rosette Disease: Past, Present and Future

Dr. Hanu Pappu
Washington State University
Molecular Genetics of Plant Pathogen Interactions

Dr. Sudeep Bag
The University of Georgia
Approaches to Prevent and Manage Viruses Introduced by Seed

Check back from time to time for updates.


Program Chair David Jordan and Technical Program Chair Jeff Dunne are putting the finishing touches on the schedule for a record-setting number of abstracts–165!!

Below is the format for each session of the 2021 APRES Virtual Annual Meeting:

Live Webinars – July 13-15, 2021

  • General Session – Live presentations
  • Technical Symposium – Live presentations
  • Breakout Sessions – 15 minute live presentations; Eligible for Bailey Award
  • Joe Sugg Graduate Student Competition – 15 minute presentations
  • Graduate Student Seminar – Live Presentation
  • APRES Business Meeting & Awards Ceremony – Live July 15th

Pre-Recorded Presentations & Posters – Available Online July 13th:

  • Board & Committee Meetings – Length of Meeting
  • Poster Session – 5 Minute Presentation
  • Graduate Student Poster Competition – 5 Minute Presentation
  • Sponsor Videos – Up to 15 minutes
  • Deadline for Submitting All Pre-Recorded Presentations: June 30, 2021

Detailed Schedule and Guidelines Will Be Posted Shortly

The 2021 Proceedings will be prepared as customary following the 2021 APRES Virtual Annual Meeting, with the added feature that all presentations–live and pre-recorded will be loaded onto the APRES YouTube Channel. Every Annual Meeting Proceedings 1957-2020 can be found on the APRES website.

Schedule of Events

Registration: Open

Register Today! Members can register on-line for the discounted “Early Bird” rate of $250 until June 30, 2021. Your registration includes access to all general sessions, technical sessions, committee meeting, and planned activities (ice cream social, receptions, meals,  fun run). The registration also includes passes to these functions at no charge for your spouse or significant other and your children.

Registration Fee
Early Bird Late Registration
Member – Individual $250 $350
Member – Tech Support $25 $50
Member – Student $25 $50
Member – Retired $25 $50
Sustaining Member Sponsor $1,000 $1,000
Non-Member $350 $450

Download Paper Registration Form

Meeting Dress Code

Attendee – Business casual
Presenter Options – Jacket, Dress Shirt, Dress Slacks/Dress/Skirt & Blouse. (Ties are optional)

Photographic Images & Recordings Consent

The 53rd APRES Virtual Annual Meeting will be using the Zoom webinar format, which records all parts of each meeting session’s video screen, audio, chat sessions, and poll data.  Recordation begins when we open the Zoom portal 30 minutes prior to the beginning of each session and stops recording at the conclusion of the meeting.  We are advising you of our protocols to ensure that you understand when you register to attend or make a presentation via an APRES Zoom webinar you are agreeing to be recorded.

All 2021 APRES Annual Meeting recordings (Zoom & Narrated PowerPoint Posters) will be posted to the APRES YouTube channel, immediately following the meeting and will be available to APRES members until January 1st.  After January 1st, all sessions will be made public (unless the speaker or author) requests their presentation to be withdrawn due to privacy or publication restrictions.  As always, APRES strives to protect the privacy of all and will work to find a solution for those who may have concerns. 

The legal language for the above information follows:
APRES meetings and events constitutes an agreement by the registrant for APRES to use and distribute the registrant’s or attendee’s image, likeness, public text comments, and voice recorded in any format at the event without payment or any other consideration to APRES. Photographic, audio or video recordings may be used by APRES for educational/informational  presentations and promotional materials for APRES in any format. This includes screen captures, session recordings, and public text comments. APRES agrees not to sell, transfer, or otherwise authorize, the rights of the registrant’s image or likeness to any other entity.