Tour of Bacon’s Castle and Chipokes Plantation Tour and Dinner

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We have had a wonderful response to Monday’s tour of Bacon’s Castle and Chipokes Plantation, followed by a BBQ dinner.  Originally, we planned for all participants to visit the sites together.

Due to the large number of attendees, we are asking self-driving participants to leave the hotel early enough to be on the 1:30 Jamestown Ferry (meaning you should leave the hotel no later than 1:00 p.m).  Second, we are asking Attendees with last names beginning with A-J visit Bacon’s Castle first; Attendees with last names beginning with K-Z attend Chipokes Plantation first and return for dinner after you visit to Bacon’s Castle.  If you would rather following the tour buses, one bus will go to Bacon’s Castle  first and the other bus will go to Chipokes Plantation first.   Choose one and follow it.

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