APRES Fellow Nomination Procedures

Careful preparation of the nomination for a distinguished colleague based principally on the candidate’s record of service will assure a fair evaluation by a responsible panel. The assistance of the nominee in supplying accurate information is permissible. The documentation should be brief and devoid of repetition. The identification of the nominee’s contributions is the most important part of the nomination. The relative weight of the categories of achievement and performance are given in the Guidelines.

Organize the nomination in the order shown in the “Format for Fellow Nominations.” The body of the nomination, excluding publications lists and supporting letters, should be no more than eight (8) pages.    Application format

Supporting letters:
The nomination shall include a minimum of three supporting letters (maximum of five). Two of the three required letters must be from active members of the Society. The letters are solicited by, and are addressed to, the nominator, and should not be dated. Those writing supporting letters need not repeat factual information that will obviously be given by the nominator, but rather should evaluate the significance of the nominee’s achievements.

Nominations are to be submitted electronically to the committee chair by the date listed in the call for nominations on the APRES website (www.apresinc.com).

Basis of Evaluation
A maximum of 10 points is allotted to the nominee’s personal achievements and recognition. A maximum of 50 points is allotted to the nominee’s achievements in his or her primary area of activity, i.e. research, extension, service to industry, or administration. A maximum of 10 points is also allotted to the nominee’s achievements in secondary areas of activity. A maximum of 30 points is allotted to the nominee’s service to APRES and to the profession.

Processing of Nominations
The Fellows Committee shall evaluate the nominations, assign each nominee a score, and make recommendations regarding approval by June 1. The President of APRES shall mail the committee recommendations to the Board of Directors for election of Fellows, maximum of three (3), for that year. A simple majority of the Board of Directors must vote in favor of a nominee for election to fellowship. Persons elected to fellowship, and their nominators, are to be informed promptly. Unsuccessful nominations will be reconsidered the following year and nominators will be contacted and given the opportunity to provide a letter that updates the nomination. After the second year unsuccessful nominations will be reconsidered only following submission of a new, complete nomination package.

Fellows shall receive a plaque at the annual business meeting of APRES. The Fellows Committee Chairman shall announce the elected Fellows and the President shall present each with a placque. The members elected to fellowship shall be recognized by publishing a brief biographical sketch of each, including a photograph and summary of accomplishments, in the APRES PROCEEDINGS. The brief biographical sketch is to be prepared by the Fellows Committee.




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