Final Evaluation – Bailey Award

Final evaluation for the Award will be made from manuscripts submitted to the Awards Committee, after having been selected previously from presentations at the APRES meetings. These manuscripts should be based on the oral presentation and abstract as published in the PROCEEDINGS.

Authorship of the manuscript should be the same (both in name and order) as the original abstract. Papers with added author(s) will be ruled ineligible. Manuscripts are judged using the following criteria:

Appropriateness of the introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, interpretation and conclusions, illustrations and tables.

  1. Originality of concept and methodology.
  2. Clarity of text, tables and figures, economy of style; building on known literature.
  3. Contribution to peanut scientific knowledge.

The Bailey Award chair for the current year’s meeting will complete the following:

  • notify session moderators for the upcoming meeting of their responsibilities in relation to judging oral presentations as set in the guidelines in APRES PROCEEDINGS.
  • meet with committee at APRES meeting.
  • collect name of nominees from session moderators by Friday a.m. of Annual Meeting.
  • provide Executive Officer and Bailey Award committee.
  • notify nominees within two months of meeting.
  • set deadline in late Fall or early winter for receipt of manuscripts by Bailey Award chair.
  • distribute manuscripts to committee members.
  • provide Executive Officer with Bailey Award winner and paper title no later than May 15, and
  • Bailey Award chair’s responsibilities are completed when the Executive Officer receives Bailey Award recipient’s name and paper title.

The presentation of bookends will be made to the speaker and other authors appropriately recognized.



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