Initial Selection – Bailey Award

The session chairman shall appoint three persons, including him/herself if desired, to select the best paper in the session. None of the judges can be an author or co-author of papers presented during the respective session. No more than one paper from each session can be nominated for the award but, at the discretion of the session chairman in consultation with the Bailey Award chairman, the three-member committee may forego submission of a nomination. Symposia and poster presentations are not eligible for the Bailey Award. The following should be considered for eligibility.

  1. The presenter of a nominated paper, whether the first or a secondary author, must be a member of APRES.
  2. Graduate students being judged for the Joe Sugg Award are also eligible for the Bailey Award if they meet all other criteria for eligibility.

Oral presentations will be judged for the Award based on the following criteria:

  1. Well organized.
  2. Clearly stated.
  3. Scientifically sound.
  4. Original research or new concepts in extension or education.
  5. Presented within the time allowed.

A copy of these criteria will be distributed to each session chair and judge prior to the paper session.




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