Nomination Procedures – Coyt T. Wilson

The deadline date for receipt of the nominations by the chairman shall be May 1, 2017.

Careful preparation of the nomination based on the candidate’s service to the Society is critical. The nominee may assist in order to assure the accuracy of the information needed. The documentation should be brief and devoid of repetition.  An electronic copy (including supporting letters) of the nomination packet should be sent to the Committee Chair who will forward to the members of the Committee for review.


Entitle the document “Nomination of ________________________ for the Coyt T. Wilson Distinguished Service Award presented by the American Peanut Research and Education Society”. (Insert the name of the nominee in the blank).

Include the name, mail address (with zip code) and telephone number (with area code).

Include the typewritten names, signatures, mail addresses (with zip codes) and telephone numbers (with area codes).

Designate area as Committee Appointments, Officer Duties, Editorial Boards, or Special Assignments. (List in chronological order by year of appointment.)

I. Personal Achievements and Recognition:

  1. Education and degrees received: Give field, date and institution.
  2. Membership in professional organizations.
  3. Honors and awards.
  4. Employment: Give years, locations and organizations.

II. Service to the Society:

  1. Number of years membership in APRES
  2. Number of APRES annual meetings attended
  3. List all appointed or elected positions held
  4. Basis for nomination
  5. Significance of service including changes which took place in the Society as a result of this work and data it occurred.

III. Supporting letters:

Two supporting letters should be included with the nomination. These letters should be from Society members who worked with the nominee in the service rendered to the Society or is familiar with this service. The letters are solicited by and are addressed to nominator. Members of the Award Committee and the nominator are not eligible to write supporting letters.

IV. Re-consideration of nominations:

Unsuccessful nominations will be reconsidered the following year and nominators will be contacted and given the opportunity to provide the letter that updates the nomination. After the second year unsuccessful nominations will be reconsidered only following submission of a new, complete nomination package.



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