Joe Sugg Graduate Student Competition (Oral Presentation)

Amanda Kaufman
North Carolina State University
2019 Winner

Graduate students are invited to participate in two competitions at the APRES Annual Meeting:

* Joe Sugg Graduate Student Competition (Oral Presentation), sponsored by the North Carolina Peanut Growers Association and National Peanut Board; and,

*Graduate Student Poster Competition, sponsored by the National Peanut Board.

Students are eligible to compete in either competition, but may only choose one.  An abstract must be submitted by the March 31st Call for Papers deadline in order to compete.

New for 2021…Two Competition Divisions–A PhD section and a Masters section.

Award for Each Division:
1st Place=$500; 2nd Place=$300; 3rd Place=$200
Additionally, the winner of the Joe Sugg Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition is invited to submit a manuscript for Peanut Science publication consideration. If accepted, page charges will be waived.

Committee Members
Competition Rules
Competition Score Sheet

Joe Sugg Graduate Student Competition Awards Recipients

PhD Division Masters Division
2021* Cassie Newman 2021* Jessica Bell
*Two Divisions Created

Joe Sugg Graduate Student Competition Award Recipients

2019 A. Kaufman 2020 C. Levinson
2017 L. Christman 2018 D. Mahoney
2017 J. Fountain 2017 W. Carter
2016 J. Clevenger 2016 K. Racette
2015 C. Klevorn 2014 Y. Tseng
2013 A. Fulmer 2010 A. Olubunmi
2009 G. Place 2008 J. Ayers
2007 J.M. Weeks, Jr. 2006 W.J. Everman
2005 D.L. Smith 2004 D.L. Smith
2003 D.C. Yoder 2002 S.C. Troxler
2001 S.L. Rideout 2000 D.L. Glenn
1999 J.H. Lyerly 1998 M.D. Franke
1997 R.E. Butchko 1996 M.D. Franke
1995 P.D. Brune 1994 J.S. Richburg
1993 P.D. Brune 1992 M.J. Bell
1991 T.E. Clemente 1990* R.M. Cu
1989 R.M. Cu

*1990-2020 PhD and Masters students competed together in one competition
*2016 Competition was divided into 2 section. A winner was awarded for each.
*2021 Two divisions created–Masters & PhD; two awards given

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