Fun Run 2020

Fun Run 2020

Thirty-six (36) individuals signed up for this year’s Fun Run event.  Each completed a 2-mile course over a variety of terrains — neighborhoods, campus, competitions–and a variety of paces.    All were competing to have their name pulled from a fish bowl for  eight (8) $25 Amazon gift certificates courtesy of Texas Tech University.  And, the winners are……

  1. Billy Barrow, County Extension Agent – North Carolina
  2. Sayantan Sakar, Virginia Tech
  3. Gary Schwarzlose, Bayer CropScience
  4. Peggy Dotray, Texas Tech University
  5. Timothy Grey, University of Georgia
  6. Katelyn Fritz, North Carolina State University
  7. Ben Fogle, Clemson University
  8. Carolina Ballen, University of Georgia


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