Past Recipients – Bailey Award

Bailey Award Recipients

2021 Bailey Award Suspended
2020 Scott Tubbs, University of Georgia*
2019 Ye “Juliet” Chu, University of Georgia*
2018 Mark Burow, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Texas Tech University*
2017 J.Wang, University of Florida*
2016 J.P. Davis* and J.M Leek, D.S. Sweigart, P. Dang, C. Butts, R. Sorensen, M. Lamb
2015 J. Clevenger* and P. Ozias-Akins, Y. Guo
2014 R. Srinivasan* and A. Culbreath, R. Kemerait, R.S. Tubbs
2013 A.M. Stephens and T. Sanders
2012 D.L. Rowland* and B.C. Colvin, W.H. Faircloth, J.A. Ferrell
2011 T.G. Isleib, C.E. Rowe, V.J. Vontimitta, and S.R. Milla-Lewis
2010 T.B. Brenneman and J. Augusto
2009 S.R. Milla-Lewis and T.G. Isleib
2008 Y Chu, L. Ramos, P. Ozias-Akins and C.C. Holbrook
2007 D.E. Partridge, P.M. Phipps, D.L. Coker, E.A. Grabau
2006 J.W. Chapin and J.S. Thomas
2005 J.W. Wilcut, A.J. Price, S.B. Clewis, and J.R. Cranmer
2004 R.W. Mozingo, S.F. O’Keefe, T.H. Sanders and K.W. Hendrix
2003 T.H. Sanders, K.W. Hendrix, T.D. Rausch, T.A. Katz and J.M. Drozd
2002 M. Gallo-Meagher, K. Chengalrayan, J.M. Davis and G.G. MacDonald
2001 J.W. Dorner and R.J. Cole
2000 G.T. Church, C.E. Simpson and J.L. Starr
1998 J.L. Starr, C.E. Simpson and T.A. Lee, Jr.
1997 J.W. Dorner, R.J. Cole and P.D. Blankenship
1996 H.T. Stalker, B.B. Shew, G.M. Garcia, M.K. Beute, K.R. Barker, C.C. Holbrook, J.P. Noe and G.A. Kochert
1995 J.S. Richburg and J.W. Wilcut
1994 T.B. Brenneman and A.K. Culbreath
1993 A.K. Culbreath, J.W. Todd and J.W. Demski
1992 T.B. Whitaker, F.E. Dowell, W.M. Hagler, F.G. Giesbrecht and J. Wu
1991 P.M. Phipps, D.A. Herbert, J.W. Wilcut, C.W. Swann, G.G. Gallimore and T.B. Taylor
1990 J.M. Bennett, P.J. Sexton and K.J. Boote
1989 D.L. Ketring and T.G. Wheless
1988 A.K. Culbreath and M.K. Beute
1987 J.H. Young and L.J. Rainey
1986 T.B. Brenneman, P.M. Phipps and R.J. Stipes
1985 K.V. Pixley, K.J. Boote, F.M. Shokes and D.W. Gorbet
1984 C.S. Kvien, R.J. Henning, J.E. Pallas and W.D. Branch
1983 C.S. Kvien, J.E. Pallas, D.W. Maxey and J. Evans
1982 E.J. Williams and J.S. Drexler
1981 N.A. deRivero and S.L. Poe
1980 J.S. Drexler and E.J. Williams
1979 D.A. Nickle and D.W. Hagstrum
1978 J.M. Troeger and J.L. Butler
1977 J.C. Wynne
1976 J.W. Dickens and T.B. Whitaker
1975 R.E. Pettit, F.M. Shokes and R.A. Taber



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