Abstracts for 2018 Annual Meeting

2018 APRES Abstracts

Last Name First Name Abstract Title
Abney Mark Evaluating New Tactics for Southern Corn Rootworm, Diabrotica undecimpunctata, Management in Peanut
Agarwal Gaurav High-density Genetic Map Using Whole-genome Re-sequencing for Fine Mapping and Candidate Gene Discovery for Disease Resistance in Peanut
Agarwal Gaurav Recombination Bin-Map Facilitates QTL Mapping of Disease Resistance Traits in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Using Whole Genome Re-sequencing
Anco Dan Peanut Yield Loss in the Presence of Late or Early Leaf Spot Defoliation
Ballen-Taborda Carolina Mapping of Resistance to Root-knot Nematode from the Wild Species A. stenosperma and introgression into peanut Arachis hypogaea L.
Balota Maria Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation – 50 Years of Regional Testing
Barrow Billy Using the Peanut Belt Research Station to Enhance County Programs in Bertie County North Carolina
Beasley Katie An Organization, a Family, and Fifty Years of Homecomings: A Historical Reflection of APRES
Bennett Rebecca Resistance to Sclerotium rolfsii and Phoma arachidicola in the U.S. Mini-Core Collection
Bertioli David The Genome Sequence of Peanut
Bradley Art Summary of Farmer Practices in the Virginia-Carolina Region Related to Digging and Harvesting Peanut
Branch Bill Drought-Induced Small-Plants within the Pure-Line Runner-Type Peanut Cultivar, ‘Georgia-10T’
Brenneman Timothy Effects of Seed Treatments and In Furrow Sprays on Peanut Plant Stands, Diseases and Pod Yield
Burow Mark Evaluation of the U.S. Mini-Core Collection under Water Deficit in Three States
Butts Chris Quality Changes During Long Term Farmers’ Stock Storage
Butts Chris A Retrospective Look at Engineering Innovations in the Peanut Industry
Campbell Lee Disease and Yield Response of Two Peanut Cultivars to Recommended Fungicide Programs at Two Alabama Locations
Cannon Ethalinda PeanutBase: New Genome Assemblies and Breeding Support
Carroll Mike Influence of Quick-SOL and Peg Power on Peanut Yield in Small-Plot Research
Cason John Introgression Pathway for Drought Tolerance in Peanut (Arachis hypogeae L.)
Chagoya Jennifer Evaluation of a Drought Tolerant, High Oleic, Disease Resistant Runner Population
Chamberlin Kelly Not Your Grandma’s Goobers: Designing the Future of Peanut Breeding
Chamberlin Kelly Examination of the High-Oleic Trait Effect on Germination of Peanut Seed
Chavarro Carolina Tetrasomic Recombination in a Recombinant Inbreed Line Population Confirmed Through Whole Genome Re-sequencing
Chen Charles Genome-Wide Association Study of Sweet, Bitter and Roasted Peanut Sensory Attributes in Cultivated Peanuts
Christman Lindsey Biological Activity of Peanut Skins as a Functional Food Ingredient
Chu Ye Major QTLs for Resistance to Early and Late Leafspot Diseases are Identified in Chromosome 3 and 5 in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea)
Clevenger Josh The Next Generation of Peanut Genomics
Cobos Christopher Comparative Gene Expression and Biochemical Analysis of Aspergillus-Resistant and Susceptible Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) Testa Cell Walls
Codod Clarence Examining Peanut Rx 2.0 and the Component Models to Improve Forecast of Spotted Wilt Severity on Peanuts in Georgia
Culbreath Albert Mixtures of Sulfur with Sterol Biosynthesis Inhibiting Fungicides for Management of Late Leaf Spot of Peanut
Curry Shane Evaluating Peanut Cultivars Using a Reduced Cost and a Premium Fungicide Program
Dafny Yelin Mery Evaluation of Virginia-type Germplasm for Sclerotium rolfsii Tolerance in Field Conditions
Damicone John Effect of Fungicide Programs on Control of Web Blotch on Spanish-Type Peanuts
Dang Phat Evaluation of the US Mini-Core Collection to Identify Drought Tolerant Genotypes Utilizing Environmental Control Rainout Shelters
Dankyi A.A. Survey on the Adoption of Peanut Production Technologies following Research and Education Programs with PMIL
Davis Jack A Metabolomics Approach to the Volatile Compound Profiles of Raw and Roasted Peanuts
Dean Lisa A Metabolomics Approach to the Volatile Compound Profiles of Raw and Roasted Peanuts
Dillard Brandon Comparison of On-Farm Irrigation Scheduling Practices in Southeast Alabama Peanut Production
Dufault Nick Future of Peanut Pest Management: A Plant Pathologist’s Perspective
Dunne Jeffrey Genomic Diversity Characterization and Genome-Wide Association Mapping of the North Carolina State University Peanut Breeding Lines and Virginia-Type Cultivars
Eason Kayla Peanut and Weed Response to Postemergence Herbicide Tank-Mixtures Utilizing Paraquat
Edwards Phillip Providing Peanut Education Through County Extension Efforts
Ellison Craig History and Changes in Production and Pest Management in the Old Peanut Belt in North Carolina
Fabreti Beatriz Drought Stress Effects on Physiological Mechanisms of Peanuts Genotypes
Feng Yucheng Responses of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation to Rehydration after Drought Stress in Peanut Genotypes
Ferguson J Connor Towards Increased Understanding of Prohexadione-calcium Rates When Applied to Stress-induced Peanut
Fletcher Stanley Demand for Peanuts
Fletcher Stanley Representative Peanut Farms 2016 Net Cash Flow
Fletcher Stanley U.S. Peanut Cost of Production
Fountain Jake Investigating the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Host-Aspergillus flavus Interactions Under Drought Stress Using Genetic Engineering
Fountain Jake The Hunt for the “Silver Bullet”: Reference Genome Development and Comparative Genomics Analysis of Field Isolates of Aspergillus flavus for Identification of Aflatoxin Regulators
Gimode Davis Tracking of Wild Allele Introgressions In a Peanut Chromosome Segment Substitution Line Population
Goyzueta Marco The Peanut Black Pod Trait as an Alternative Determine Peanut Seed Maturity.
Goyzueta Marco Development of a New Protocol to Screen Peanut Genotypes with Superior Vigor by Assessing Root Architecture Traits
Grichar William J. Peanut Response to Anthem Flex Applied Preemergence, at Cracking, or Postemergence
Grimes Lance Thrips Control in Peanut in North Carolina with Insecticides Applied During Planting and After Peanut Emergence
Guilford Curtis Virginia-Carolina Peanut iPiPE: Data Sharing to Improve Disease Risk Models
Guimaraes Larissa Growth Habit and Phenotypic Variation Among Tifrunner, GT-C20, and their F1 Hybrids
Guo Baozhu Genome-Wide Association Study of Agronomic and Disease Resistance Traits Using Peanut Nested Association Mapping Populations
Hagan Austin Velum Total and AgLogic 15G Compared for Peanut Root-Knot Control and Yield Response on Root-Knot Susceptible and Resistant Peanut Cultivars.
Hancock Wesley Morphological Characterization and Genomic Analysis of Arachis hypogaea × A. diogoi Introgression Lines
Hare Andrew Impact of Weed Management on Peanut Yield and Weed Populations the Following Year
Harris Glen Evaluation of Aspire as a Boron Source for Peanut
Hayes Brian Assessment of Evolving Peanut Fungicide Programs for Yield and Value in Southwest Georgia
Haynes J. Mitchum Augmentation of In-Furrow Insecticides with Superabsorbent Polymer to Improve Management of Spotted Wilt of Peanut
Hoisington Dave The Structure and Strategy of the New Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut
Holbrook C. Corley Peanut Yield Gains Over the Past Fifty Years
Hurdle Nick Ele-Max® Nutrient Concentrate Effect on Georgia-06G with Paraquat Tank-Mixtures under Non-Irrigated Conditions.
Johnson III Wiley C Tine Weeding Integrated with Herbicides in Conventional Peanut Production
Jordan Brian Effect of Planting Date on Three Cultivars and Three Advanced Breeding Lines on Leaf Spot Severity and Yield when Grown without Fungicides.
Jordan David Peanut Response to Co-Application of Pyroxasulfone with Paraquat, Bentazon, and Acephate
Jordan David Effect of Organic Manure, Calcium and Weeding Regime on Growth and Yield of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in the Guinea Savannah Zone of Ghana.
Jordan Lanier Baker County Georgia 2015, 2016 & 2017 UGA On-Farm Peanut at Plant In-Furrow Fungicide, Nematicide & Inoculant Test
Kaufman Amanda Quality and Flavor Profile Following Various Pesticide Inputs in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Grown in North Carolina
Kemerait Robert Azoxystrobin, Solatenol and Adepidyn to Manage Leaf Spot and Stem Rot
King Della Response of Peanut to Inoculation with Bradyrhizobia and Nitrogen Rate
Kirk Kendall Characterization of Spatial Variability and Its Effects in Peanut Production
Korani Walid Iterative QTL-seq to Discover Functional Markers of Agronomically important Traits
Lamb Marshall Agronomic and Economic Effects of Irrigation and Rotation in Peanut
Lamon Samuele Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization of Peanut Lines with Interspecific Introgressions Conferring Late Leaf Spot Resistance
Leal-Bertioli Soraya A Detective Tale: The Worldwide Influence of the Wild Species Arachis cardenasii on the Peanut Crop Revealed Through the Lens of Genome Analyses
Levinson Chandler Development of Newly Synthesized Amphidiploids and Their Genome Composition
Lilley Dylan Lessons Learned in a Short Period of Time as Peanut Agents in Northeast North Carolina
Lipsey Brittany Managing Caterpillar Pest in Mississippi Peanut
Luke-Morgan Audrey An Analysis of Crop Insurance as a Safety Net for U.S. Peanut Farms
Maheshala Nataraja Characterization of Feeding Behavior of Imidacloprid-Resistant Tobacco Thrips
Mahoney Denis Presence and Distribution of Suspected Palmer Amaranth Resistant to PPO-inhibiting Herbicides in the North Carolina Coastal Plain
Marshall Julie Marker Assisted Selection of Peanut Storage Proteins for Flavor Potential
Massa A.N. Screening of Wild Arachis Germplasm for Resistance to Aflatoxin Contamination and Foliar Fungal Pathogens
McLean Henry Multiyear Evaluation of Peanut Disease Control Programs incorporating Miravis® Fungicide into Disease Control Systems including Elatus®.
Mehl Hillary Efficacy and Profitability of Nematicide, Insecticide, and Fungicide Chemistries and Pre-Mixes for Pest Management in Peanut
Mills, Jr. Foy Predicting Land Use Competition for US Peanut Acreage Pre- and Post-Quota
Mohammed Abdi Fingerprinting and Aflatoxin Production of Aspergillus section Flavi Associated with Groundnut in Eastern Ethiopia
Moore Kim Relative Performance of a New Multiple Disease Resistant High Oleic Runner Variety from ACI Seeds Compared with Commercially Available Runner Varieties
Müller Barbara Population Genomics of US Peanut Mini Core Collection using Genome-Wide SNP Genotyping
Munir Misbakhul Effect of Plant Microclimate Condition Changes Due to Late Leaf Spot on the Development of Southern Stem Rot in Peanut Field
Mura J.D. Integrated Agronomy, Physiology, and Plant Breeding Approaches to Improve Drought Tolerance Phenotyping in Peanut
Pasupuleti Janila Process Innovations in Peanut Breeding and Testing Pipelines at ICRISAT
Pelham Sara Determination of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Yield Potential by Geographical Location and Planting Date in Georgia
Pilon Cristiane Early-Season Temperature Conditions Effect on Physiology of Peanut Seedlings
Porter Wesley Selecting Valid and Practical Irrigation Scheduling Methods for Maximizing Yield of Runner Type Peanut Cultivars
Preisser Afton The History of Peanuts in Virginia
Price Katilyn Peanut Tolerance to 2,4-D and Dicamba
Price Katilyn Cover Crop Response to Residual Herbicides in Peanut-Cotton Rotation
Price Tucker Evaluating Peanut White Mold Fungicide Programs in Cook County, Georgia – 3 Year Summary
Prostko Eric Field Evaluation of Flumioxazin Formulations for Weed Control in Peanut
Sanchez-Dominguez Samuel Researching on Rhizobiology in Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.): 1. Studies in Pots
Sarkar Sayantan Deriving Peanut Plant Height from Aerial Imagery and Digital Elevation Models
Shew Barbara A Re-evaluation of Fungicide Efficacy for Leaf Spot Control in North Carolina
Simpson Charles Using Arachis vallsii Krapov. & W.C. Greg. as a Bridge Species for Introgression in Arachis
Smith Nathan Implications of the Elimination of Generic Base and Addition of Seed Cotton Program on South Carolina Peanut Farms
Smith Nathan Economic Analysis of Peanut Digger Ground Speed and Conveyor Speed on Digging Yield Losses
Smith Paul Peanut Response to Twin-Row Planting Patterns in North Carolina
Stalker Tom New Sources of Multiple Disease Resistances from Arachis diogoi Introgression Lines
Stuart Matthew Effect of Fungicide on Gas Exchange in Peanut
Suassuna Taís Use of Wild Species for Peanut Breeding in Brazil
Sutherland Bryce Management of Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper (Hemiptera: Membracidae) in Peanut
Tengey Theophilus Analysis of a BC3F6 Interspecific Peanut Introgression Population Using Genome-specific SNP Markers
Thangthong Nuengsap Xylem Anatomy Features in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Root
Tillman Barry Genotypic Variation in Tomato Spotted Wilt Infection in Peanut and Methods of Estimating Infection Frequency
Tonnis Brandon Phenotypic Variation in Seed Quality of Wild Arachis Species
Toomer Ondulla Feeding High-Oleic Peanuts to Layer Hens Enhances Egg Yolk Color and Oleic Fatty Acid Content in Shell Eggs
Torrance Ty Economics of Peanut Root-knot Nematode Control
Tubbs Scott The Future of Peanut Agronomic Research – The Sky is Not the Limit
Tyson William White Mold Control Efficacy Associated with Nine Peanut Fungicide Treatments
Upadhyaya Hari Deo New Sources from Germplasm Mini Core Collection Enhance Genetic Gains for Oil Content in Peanut.
Ur Rehman Atta Elemental Analysis of Groundnut Germplasms Using the Particle Induced X-Rays Emission (PIXE) Method
Valentine Howard Remembering our Past and How it Affected our Present and Future
Van Cleave Ashleigh Boron Rate and Timing on Runner Peanut-Paper Withdrawn
Varn Joe Management Efficacy of Late Leaf Spot in Two Peanut Fields with Fungicides Applied at Varying Sprayer Ground Speeds
Virk Simerjeet Investigation of Planter Parameters for Maximizing Peanut Emergence
Virk Gurpreet First True Leaf Physiology of Peanut Plants under Different Field Conditions
Virk Gurpreet Planting Conditions Influence Early Season Crop Growth of Peanut Cultivars
Wang Jianping High Density Graphic Genotypes of Near Isogenic Lines Revealed Genomic Regions Controlling Peanut Nodulation
Weaver Caleb The Effects of Storage Conditions on Peanut Seed Quality
Wolfe Kent Examining the Economic Contribution of Peanut Production in the Southeast
Wright Graeme Peanut Kernel Shrivel – An Undiagnosed Condition of Peanut Crops in Queensland, Australia
Zhang Huiliu Interaction of Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid Composition to Aspergillus flavus Development Genes and Aflatoxin Pathway Genes
Zhang X. Molecular and Agronomic Evaluation for Genetic Background Recovery of Introgression Lines of Ahfad2 Mutations




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