Peanuts: Genetics, Processing, and Utilization

Chapter 1:  Origin an Early History of the Peanut
Chapter 2:  Biology, Speciation, and Utilization of Peanut Species
Chapter 3:  Global Resources of Genetic Diversity in Peanut
Chapter 4:  Recent Advances in Peanut Breeding and Genetics
Chapter 5:  The Peanut Genome:  The History of the Consortium and the Structure of
                      the Genome of Cultivated Peanut and Its Diploid Ancestor
Chapter 6:  Annotation of Trait Loci on Integrated Genetic Maps of Arachis Species
Chapter 7:  Application of Genomic, Transcriptomic, and Metabolic Technologies in
                      Arachis Species
Chapter 8:  PeanutBase and Other Bioinformatic Resources for Peanut
Chapter 9:  Overview of the Peanut Industry Supply Chain
Chapter 10:  An Overview of World Peanut Markets
Chapter 11:  Peanut Composition, Flavor and Nutrition
Chapter 12:  Mycotoxins and Product Safety
Chapter 13:  New Therapeutic Strategies for Peanut-Related Allergy
Chapter 14:  Raw Peanut Processing
Chapter 15:  Processing and Food Uses of Peanut Oil and Protein
Chapter 16:  Manufacturing Foods with Peanut Ingredients
Chapter 17:  The Role of Peanuts in Global Food Security