Highlights of the 46th Annual Meeting

July 8-10, 2014 * San Antonio, TX

New Board Elected

Naveen Puppala, New Mexico State University
Tom Stalker, North Carolina State University
Past President:
Tim Brenneman, University of Georgia

Noelle Barkley, USDA/ARS
Darlene Cowart, Birdsong Peanuts
Peter Dotray, Texas Tech University
Jim Elder, The J.M. Smucker Company
David Jordan, North Carolina State University
Keith Rucker, Bayer CropSciences
Barry Tillman, University of Florida
Howard Valentine, Peanut Foundation
Dan Ward, National Peanut Board


Peanuts at the Park
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Ice Cream Social
Agri-B Technologies
Birdsong Peanuts
Golden Peanut Company
Monsanto BioAg
National Peanut Buying Points Association
Texas Pest Management Association
U.S. Gypsum

Spouse Program
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Wednesday Night Dinner
Bayer Crop Science

Fun Run
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Thursday Night Reception
Dow AgroSciences

Product Donations
Alabama Peanut Producers Association
Bell Plantation
Florida Peanut Producers Association
Georgia Peanut Commission
Hershey Foods Corporation
Kraft Foods/Planters
Mars Chocolate, North America
Mississippi Peanut Growers Association
National Peanut Board
North Carolina Peanut Growers Association
The Peanut Institute
The J.M. Smucker Company
South Carolina Peanut Board
Texas Peanut Producers Board
Virginia Peanut Growers Association
Western Peanut Growers Association

Joe Sugg Award
North Carolina Peanut Growers Association

Dow Awards for Research & Education
Dow AgroSciences

Bayer Program for Excellence in Extension
Bayer CropSciences

Professional Recognition & Awards

Fellow of the Society

Three new Fellows were elected at the 2014 meeting:

Dr. Todd Baughman, Oklahoma State University

Dr. Austin Hagan, Auburn University

Mr. Emory Murphy, Georgia Peanut Commission

Coyt T. Wilson Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Tom Isleib, North Carolina State University

Bailey Award

Best Paper of the 2013 Annual Meeting was awarded to:

Rajagolbabu “Babu” Srinivasan, University of Georgia
Drs. Albert Culbreath, Bob Kemerait, and Scott Tubbs, UGA

Effects of Host Resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on the Virus Itself and the Vector

Dow AgroScience Award for Research

Michael Baring, Texas A&M AgriLife Reseearch

Dow AgroSciences Award for Education

Jason Woodward
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension & Texas Tech University

Joe Sugg Graduate Student Competition

First Place
Yu-Chen Tseng, University of Florida
Identifying SSR Markers Linked to TSWV Resistance in Peanut Cultivar, Florida-EPTM113

Second Place
Blaire Colvin, University of Florida
Influence of Peg Strength and Maturity on Tifguard Yield and Digging Loss

2015 Annual Meeting

July 14-16
Francis Marion Hotel
Charleston, SC

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