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Terms and Cancellation Conditions


Full payment must be made at the time of registration; no provisional bookings will be accepted. Confirmation e-mails and receipted invoices will be sent upon registration completion.

If you cancel your registration before June 30, 2023, refunds will be given, subject to a US $25 administration charge. No refunds will be made for no-shows or for cancellations received after June 30, 2023. Although, if you are unable to attend, a substitute member from the same organization/company/university may be made at any time provided written confirmation is given to APRES. Cancellations MUST be made using your Member Dashboard on the APRES website, or by calling the APRES meeting organizer.


I accept that for the purpose of the APRES meeting, my personal data will be registered and stored electronically by APRES on the meeting platform. I accept that my contact details will be shared with other meeting attendees through the meeting platform (and mobile app) in order that attendees may contact me to arrange meetings etc.

APRES staff may take photographs, video or other recordings during the course of the meeting for use on the APRES website and in social or other media in connection with APRES and to promote future events. We will retain your contact data for the meeting to share on the meeting platform and to provide information about the meeting and other future APRES events.

APRES does NOT SELL or share contact information with any 3rd-party entities.


APRES will not accept liability for any transportation disruption or individual transportation delays and in such circumstances normal cancellation terms apply. If circumstances beyond the control of the APRES, such as a global pandemic or terror alert, prevent the running of the meeting, the organizers reserve the right to retain up to 50% of the registration fee as a contribution to registration, location, and general administration costs.