Membership Information

Currently, APRES has approximately 400 members representing 20 countries. Five classes of membership are available to the peanut industry and to the general public:

Individual Membership:


Institutional Membership:

Libraries of industrial and educational groups or institutions and others that pay dues to receive the publications of the Society. Institutional members are not granted individual member rights.

Student Membership:

Full-time students presently enrolled at any recognized college, university, or technical school.

Sustaining Membership:

Industrial organizations and others who wish to support this Society financially to an extent beyond minimum requirements. Sustaining members may designate one representative who shall have individual member rights. List of Sustaining Members

All classes of membership may attend all meetings and participate in discussions. Only individual members or those with individual membership rights may vote and hold office. Members of all classes shall receive minutes of all Proceedings of the American Peanut Research and Education Society.


Diamond Level$5,000

Individual $100
Retired $ 25
Post-doctrinal Student $ 75
Technical Support $ 75
Student $ 50
Institutional $100
Silver Level $350
Gold Level $550
Platinum Level $1,000
Diamond Level $5,000+


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