Advances in Peanut Science

Advances in Peanut ScienceAdvances in Peanut Science
Published:  1995
Library of Congress Card Catalog Number: 95-083117
# of Pages:  614
Editors:  Harold E. Pattee and H. Thomas Stalker
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Advances in Peanut Science was published by the American Peanut Research and Education Society in 1995 as an update of a previously published volume Peanut Science and Technology in 1982. Scientific advancements in many areas had occurred during the 1980s and early 1990s, including the initiation of biotechnology methods; biological control methods for weeds, pathogens and insects; expert system models for production practices and pathogen control; and the computer became an essential tool in research and throughout the industry.

The book contains 17 chapters written by leading experts on peanut reproductive development; germplasm resources and breeding; insect, disease and weed management; pesticides and soil fertility; biological nitrogen fixation; modelling and cultural practices; mycotoxins and their elimination; peanut processing, flavor characteristics, and marketing. The topics address subjects pertinent to a broad spectrum of the peanut industry and serve as a resource for researchers, members of the peanut industry, and students of peanut development through production and marketing.

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