APRES currently has 4 publications:

Peanut Science is a peer-reviewed on-line research journal dedicated to publishing the results of Research, Education, and/or Extension projects and programs directly involved with or applicable to the production, storage, processing, manufacturing or marketing of peanuts.

Annual Meeting Proceedings is a compilation of abstracts of professional papers presented at the annual meeting of the APRES.  Also included, is a report of actions taken on behalf of APRES membership.

APRES By-Laws are the tenements by which the American Peanut Research and Eduction Society operates.

Advances in Peanut Science is a 17- chapter book written in 1995 by leading experts on peanut reproductive development; germplasm resources and breeding; insect, disease and weed management; pesticides and soil fertility; biological nitrogen fixation; modelling and cultural practices; mycotoxins and their elimination; peanut processing, flavor characteristics, and marketing. The topics address subjects pertinent to a broad spectrum of the peanut industry and serve as a resource for researchers, members of the peanut industry, and students of peanut development through production and marketing.



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